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With 15 years of experience building remote teams, we create custom teams of super freelancers matched with your company

💪 Grow to inhouse 

Not ready to hire inhouse? Use freelanceres to grow until you are and gain the experience you need to hire inhouse.

🧑‍💻 We do the hard work

We use our extensive network to not only find, but also test potential candidates. The result? You save time and reduce time-to-hire. 

⌛️ Replacement Guarantee

Need new competences, less or more hours? We offer a risk-free replacement without extra costs.

🧑‍💻 Project Manager option

Upgrade for a project manager, so we will not only find, but also manage your freelancers. One point of contact and less stress

I've used Nikolaj's help with hiring remote developers and marketing specialists for many years and across multiple companies in my portfolio. The quality is always outstanding and it has saved us a lot of money getting the right people on board.
Anders Grønborg
Anders Gronborg
Founder LaserTryk (Scandinavia's biggest printing company) and ILD.PIZZA

I have hired 200+ people the last 15 years

In 2007 I was creating a company and needed help getting a simple WordPress site together. After having lost a big part of my very small budget to a local agency that did a horrible job and not finishing the site, I accidentally stumbled upon the website of a Romanian freelancer called Bogdan.

I didn’t have any experience working with people abroad, but Bogdan and I had a great partnership and after a bit of time, I was getting other companies sent his way. I decided to go and visit him in Bucharest and he gave me a unique insight into Romania, inviting me to his local university and telling me about his other developer friends who were looking for work abroad.

The experience had a big impact on me; from then on, I have been working with outsourcing and remote team. I have run a web agency only with remote developers, run a travel agency with a team across 3 continents, and built many teams for clients.

In 2017 I started consulting as a freelance external CMO. For the next 4 years, I began helping my clients more and more with building remote teams for digital marketing and development. These experiences have now turned into RemoteMatch.

Use cases

Here are some examples of how we have helped companies work with freelancers. In every case, we take the hard work, risk, and vetting out of the process, so you can get the work done faster.

🪴 Grow to inhouse 

Not ready to hire inhouse? Use freelanceres to grow until you are and gain the experience you need to hire inhouse. We have done this especially with marketing teams for SMBs.

🌍 Expanding to new countries

Expanding your company to new countries can be expensive and high risk. Start with a team of freelancers for localization, market research, marketing and customer service. 

👩‍💻 Build software

Don’t have technical competencies inhouse? Bad luck with expensive local agencies? We got you! We match you with tested developers and can even handle the project management.

📈 Start new marketing

Wan’t to grow your marketing into areas where you have no in-house experience? Let us find the right freelancer that can elevate your marketing to new heights.

💼 Support your team

Already have a great team, but sometimes you need more manpower? Scale your team up and down from month to month with freelancers.

What are you building? Start hiring today to make it a reality. 

A few cases

The founder of RemoteMatch was employed by CoolStuff to manage the Danish division of the company and was reponsible for all hiring and management of agencies and freelancer.
One of Europes biggest gadget e-commerce sites
For LaserTryk we hired a team of freelancers to be responsible for paid digital marketing, including Google Ads. We helped LaserTryk switch teams as they grew, to always ensure they had the right competences.
Scandinavia's biggest printing company
When the chain started out, they decided that their IT had to be developed via outsourcing. We both found and tested developers and did project management, giving the busy owners one point of contact.
ILD Pizza
Denmark's biggest pizzaria chain
Being new in the travel industry and creating it's own niche, the costs and flexibility of the team was very important. We hired a full team of travel planners, admin and a developer for a custom CRM.
Travel agency for entrepreneurs

How we help

Find a freelancer
✅Reduce time-to-hire
✅ We do all the hard work for you
✅ Replacement guarentee
✅ Weekly hour overview
✅ Monthly check-up on the work on request
✅ Full-time and part-time available
✅ Vetted freelancers matched to your needs
Project Management
✅ The same as in 'Find a freelancer'
✅ We manage all communication with your freelancers
✅ One point of contact no matter team size

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